• ON798 conveyor type needle detector

    ONETECH ON798 industrial tunnel conveyor type needle detector, ON800 super wide detection type conveyor type needle detector, tunnel type metal detector. ON800 & ON798 conveyor type needle detectors are widely used to inspect toys, shoes, hats, paper, non-woven products, high elastic cotton clothing and plastic plate, can be also used to inspect pharmaceutical products, sewing products, rubber products, food products and chemical products etc.. It can be installed directly in a production line.

    ON798 tunnel type high sensitive needle detector, conveyor type needle detector  

  • CNM-88 table top type needle detector

    CNM-88 platform type inspection needle detector. Application: STT CNM-88 table top type needle detector is widely used to detect toys, shoes, hats, plastic plates, non-woven products, high elastic cotton clothing, paper and other items. Detection sensitivity: Feφ ≥ 0.8 mm. Conform to international electrical product safety standards. Conform to international Customs detection standards.

    STT CNM-88 platform type inspection needle detector 

  • SDH-936A Hand-held needle detector

    SIIE SDH-936A Hand-held inspection needle detector adopts a high sensitive detection technology. It can detect Feφ≥ 0.3mm steel ball. Application: Suitable for clothing, food, shoes, socks, chemical raw materials, knitting, medicines and ferromagnetic material inspection, also for the human body security inspection. It can inspect mails, parcels, luggages and persons to locate weapons, ammunition, etc.

    Model No. SDH-936A high sensitive hand-held metal detector, inspection needle detector