SWT189A 医用步行便携式自动扫描人体温度探测器(体温计) / 醫用步行可擕式自動掃描人體溫度探測器(體溫計)探測SARS非典病毒人及Delta virus & COVID-19病毒人及登革熱病人及Ebola埃博拉病人和其他各種流感與病毒人發燒溫度,遇可疑發燒病人,儀器立即提示, 中文詳情,請訪問

  SWT189A portable type walk-through body fever detector (medical body thermometer)

SWT189A body temperature detector (recognition face body thermometer) can automatically detect body temperatures of all patients with fever such as detecting fever temperatures of Dengue Fever patients, SARS virus patients, COVID-19 Coronavirus patients, Delta virus patients, Malaria & MERS virus patients, Zika & Ebola virus patients, various flu patients and all other virus patients. It can also detect normal human temperatures. It can detect & find a fever patient who is caused by virus or flu.

SWT189A fever detector can help governments and apparatuses to better do the virus & flu infection prevention and isolation measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 Virus, Delta virus & Flu for people

SWT189A detectors are being widely used in airports, courts, prisons, schools, churches, embassies, factories, banks, hospitals, hotels to detect human fevers to prevent COVID-19 virus, Delta virus & flu.


1. Built-in non-contact high-precision sensor. It is a medical AI recognition face body fever temperature screening system detector.

2. Adjustable installation way.
 You can choose the support frames of different heights to be suitable for measuring persons' body temperatures of different heights, the support frame heights are from 900 mm ~ 1,330 mm for option.
3. Support detection body temperature.
4. Support detection face breathing mask.
5. Built-in face recognition algorithm.
6. Support to store database of 40,000 faces for the use of Access control System.
7. 200 ms fast identification.
8. 8 inch HD LCD display, metal shell.
9. Giving out an alarm after showing an abnormal temperature.
10. Face recognition, detection temperature, and face mask recognition, Freely configure multiple usage modes.
11. Can record identification information and temperature information, save traceability.
12. Excellent environmental adaptability, adapt to low light and strong back light, support automatic face exposure.
13. Support Wiegand protocol, can directly drive access control and control various gates.
14. Rich hardware interface, optional: Wiegand interface & relay interface. Optional: integrated 100M Ethernet interface, audio interface, USB and other interfaces
15. Optional: Support the secondary development of device application software
16. Optional: Support various software and hardware customization.

Technical data:
1. Thermal Sensor. 2 MP camera. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃.

2. Measurement body temperature accuracy: +/-0.2 ~ 0.3 ℃.
3. Measurement body temperature range: 35 ℃ ~ 42 ℃, optional: 30 ℃ ~ 42 ℃.
4. Power supply: 110V ~ 220V (±10%), 50Hz / 60Hz.
5. Work Humidity: 0% - 90% RH.
6. Detector's dimension: 267 mm (L) x 126 mm (W) x 20 mm (H), excluding a support frame.
7. Weight: about 1.0 kg excluding a support frame.
8. Face Mask detection. Detection body temperature distance: 1,100 mm.
9. Body temperature fever alarm. Non-contact detection body temperature.
10. Optional
network: 1 channel 10/100 BaseT Ethernet RJ45 interface.
11. Optional Wiegand: 1 channel Wiegand output interface. Optional Switch: 1 channel relay output. Optional: MIC Built-in.

Technical standards:
Conform to European Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC and EMC Directive 2014/30/EU international safety standards.
Have European CE & EMC international Medical Device standard certificates