TE1028E步行通过拍照门式医用人体温度和金属探测门 / 步行通過拍照門式醫用人體溫度和金屬探測門 / 步行通過門式熱成像人體溫度和金屬探測器探測SARS非典病毒人體及Delta virus & COVID-19病毒人體及登革熱病毒人及Ebola埃博拉病毒人體和其他各種流感與病毒人體發熱發燒溫度,若遇到可疑發熱發燒病人,儀器會立即提示, 中文詳情和產品目錄,請訪問

     TECOS TE1028E walk-through metal and body fever temperature detector with camera 

TECOS TE1028E walk-through metal and body temperature detector can automatically detect body temperatures of all patients with fever such as
detecting fever temperatures of SARS virus patients, COVID-19 Coronavirus patients, Delta virus patients, Ebola virus patients, Zika & Malaria virus patients, Dengue Fever patients, MERS virus patients, H1N1 flu patients, H7N9 bird flu patients, H3N2 flu patients and all other flu & virus patients. It can also detect normal human temperatures, it uses this timely and effective manner to prevent the spread of flu and virus for people. It can detect and find a fever patient who is caused by any virus or flu.

TE1028E detector can help government, organization & apparatus to better do the flu & virus infection prevention and isolation measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 Virus, Delta virus, Flus and other viruses for people. It is a mass body fever screening system and metal detector.


TE1028E walk-through metal and body temperature detectors are being widely used in airports, courts, prisons, customhouses, exhibition sites, banks, embassies, factories, amusement places, hospitals, schools, churches, hotels and so on to detect human fevers to prevent spread of COVID-19 virus, Delta virus & flu.

Detection metal feature and function for option:   
It is also a 6-zone walk-through metal detector. It can inspect persons, hand-held baggages & parcels, can also detect a small metal, IED-device, weapons, ammunitions with metal, parts of weapons, bomb, etc., and can detect drugs packed with Tin Foil paper.

1. Complete security detection, multi-zone warning displays, very high discrimination and detection speed, high immunity to external interference. Have highly visible alarm display, it can provide the location of weapons in transit.

2. It has six detecting zones in it, such as: zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, zone 4, zone 5, zone 6. Six body part alarm zones from head to toe are divided into it and Alarm zone display lights are on two sides of this door. Each zone can be individual adjustment sensitivity.

3. Automatic calculation passer quantity & alert quantity function, LED display digits. Induction to all metals. Automatic check and recovery function. When carrying any small mass metal passes through it and it detects this metal, its alarm will be given out, you can get an accurate warning location. Objective location alarm lights are displayed on two sides of this door.                       

Detection body fever temperature feature:
1. High sensitive thermal module with 256 x 192 pixel resolution. 
Advanced thermal image processing technology, AI processing technology and facial recognition camera technology.
Reliable human body fever temperature alarm. High quality optical module with 2 MP resolution.

2. When a body temperature exceeds the set temperature, its automatic alarm will be given out, its camera can photograph immediately automatically, this system can show and record the temperature automatically, and the human picture and body temperature can be saved in the detector.

3. Optional function (choose it before placing an order): Its output signal can connect to another computer by a cable, this computer can achieve remote video surveillance and make the on-site workplace not need staff on duty.

Technical data: 
Temperature measurement: Support global and local temperatures.
Measurement temperature range: +25°C to +42°C.

Its screen shows body temperature. 21 inch LCD display screen.

Power supply: 110V ~ 220V (±10%), 50Hz / 60Hz.
Humidity: 95% or Less.
Exterior gate dimension: 2400 mm (H) x 860 mm (W) x 570 mm (depth). 
Passageway interior dimension: 1990 mm (H) x 730 mm (W) x 570 mm (depth). 
Temperature resolution: 0.1℃.  Measurement body temperature accuracy: +/-0.2 ~ 0.4 ℃. 

Camera resolution:1920 × 1080 P.  Response time: 0.3 second.
Alarm temperature: 37.5 ℃, ( this temperature can be free to be set, for example: 37 ℃, 37.1 ℃, 37.2 ℃, 37.3 ℃, 37.4 ℃ etc. ). 
The factory setup is 37.5 ℃ alert, the body temperature exceeds it to the alarm. Fever alarm.

Technical standards:
Conform to European Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC international safety standards.
1. Have European CE & EMC international Medical Device standard certificates.
2. Have USA FCC safety standard certificate.
3. Conform to U.S.A. FAA 3-gun testing standards and NILECJ-0601-00 safety standards.
4. Conform to ECAC international Security standard. Conform to U.S.A. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standard.