SOTUE TIC116S vehicular military thermal imaging video surveillance system

TIC116S surveillance system is widely used in tracing, search and surveillance security checks under different weather conditions, it includes detecting hidden dangerous places, rescue, suppress smuggling, search, fire protection, military and security protection, president or VIP convoy car security protection use, etc. TIC116S system products have been exported to Nigeria, Congo, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, India, Syria, Libya, Mexico, Thailand and so on for the local customers' use. TIC116S system is very easy and simple to be installed on a car or other any places for use, its operation is very simple, its display image is very good.

1. Real-time display: a pedestrian detection distance for 1300 ~ 1500 meters and a car detection distance for 1800 ~ 2000 meters.  Optional: Use optical field of view ( 3x optical zoom ), to meet detection and identify different requirements. Real-time display: a pedestrian detection distance for 3000 ~ 3200 meters, a vehicle detection distance for 5000 meters.
2. Uncooled FPA detector. Standard interface, integration facilitating. Optional:housing. Lens ( Optional ). Automatical focus imaging according to the objective scene. 3. Detector feature: Uncooled FPA microbolometer. Standard form: a thermal imaging surveillance detector and a monitor. Installation ways: It can be installed in any fixed places, such as: car, boat, the top of house and so on.

Image management:
1.  Field of view/min focus distance: 13.7°×10.3°/1.0m. Spatial resolutions ( IFOV ) : 0.63mrad. NETD: ≤0.08℃@30℃. Frame rate: 50Hz.  2. Focus: Automatic/Manual electronic focus, auto focus according to the object scene. Spectral range: 8 ~ 14μm.

Thermal image adjustment:
1. Control button.  Brightness / Gain adjustment: Manual adjustment brightness / gain, automatic adjustment brightness, a manual adjustment gain, automatic adjustment brightness / gain.
2. Automatic adjustment brightness/gain mode: 2 fixed modes, 8 user-defined modes. Image polarity: Hot black/hot white.

Technical data:
Electronic zoom: 2X. Noise reduction. Image enhancement. Calibration: Auto / manual. Crosshair: On / off. Weight : about 0.7Kg.
Power supply: 10 ~15V DC. Power consumption: ≤ 4.5W. Operating temperature: - 20℃~ 50℃. Storage temperature: - 45℃ ~ 65℃. Encapsulation : IP40. Dimension: ≤ 163 × 62 × 73 mm.
1. External DC input. 2. Video output: PAL. 3. PTZ decoder interface,(Optional ) . 4. Protocol: PELCO-D/PELCO-P.

Technical standards:
1.  Conform to EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009 product safety international standard.  2.  Conform to EN 61010-1:2001 product safety international standards. 3. Conform to EN61000-6-2:2005 product immunity international standard, conform to international military security standards.